US Interstate System as a London Underground Map

This great diagram was created by Cameron Booth and shows the USA’s interstate system as a London Underground map. This is the second version which was originally created exactly 2 years ago is more realistic and emphasises the London Underground styling more heavily with accurate line colours, station markers, line thicknesses and curves. There are posters of this image for sale from the CamBooth site and a high resolution version (4000 x... Read More

Stickers On The Central Line

Stickers On The Central Line is a tumblog that’s been going for a few months now run by an unidentified commuter that has been sneakily applying self-made stickers over the Central Line maps found within tube trains. I can only assume that the person behind these stickers is either from Buckhurst Hill or has a bit of a dislike for the place as a majority of the stickers are placed over this station. There’s often a slight political agenda... Read More

Peak Hours: Incredibly Authentic Looking Sign

I was on the Central Line earlier this year when my continental companion pointed out this sign and asked what it meant. I had to double-take as although the message of this sign is obviously absurd, it’s an incredibly authentic looking notice. The only real flaw is that the blue is a slightly darker shade than normal but it’s near enough impossible to tell when there’s nothing to compare it to. What must visitors to the capital... Read More


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