Stickers On The Central Line

Stickers On The Central Line is a tumblog that’s been going for a few months now run by an unidentified commuter that has been sneakily applying self-made stickers over the Central Line maps found within tube trains. I can only assume that the person behind these stickers is either from Buckhurst Hill or has a bit of a dislike for the place as a majority of the stickers are placed over this station. There’s often a slight political agenda to the stickers and a form of protest against certain aspects of London Underground service.

These are but a few so visit the Stickers On The Central Line blog here and be sure keep your eyes peeled for more of these stickers in the wild during your next Central Line journey.

Stickers On The Central Line - Improvement Works Trees - TubeHack

Stickers On The Central Line - Buckhurst Hill Tardis - TubeHack

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