Underground Overground – Andrew Martin

Underground Overground: A Passenger’s History of the Tube by Andrew Martin was published yesterday. Andrew Martin is a novelist and journalist who may be better known for his Tube Talk columns in the Evening Standard and his series of early 20th century railway detective novels, the Jim Stringer series.

It tells the stories of some extraordinary men, often considered the martyrs of the tube, from Charles Pearson, the first to conceptualise an underground railway with his work on the Metropolitan line in the 1850s, Frank Pick and his art deco vision of the modern tube system in the 1930s, right up to Ken Livingstone’s work in the 70s to the current day to bring down fares and stimulate tube usage. Underground Overground was generally an interesting read offering a detailed chronological line-by-line development of the London Underground system dotted by the occasional Qi-like trivia piece. However, it was somewhat lacking in these humourous factoids and anecdotes at points and might not be everyones cup of tea.

Underground Overground retails at £14.99 but you can currently find it as a hardback for just £7.50 at Amazon.

Underground, Overground - Andrew Martin

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